Honoka 穂花

Honoka (穂花 ,Honoka) is an award-winning Japanese adult video (AV) actress and popular TV personality and actress. She retired from the AV industry in 2008.Measurements:33-22-35(inch).


Honoka was born in Tarumizu, Kagoshima , Japan on June 20, 1983. She is a licensed practical nurse and has appeared as a race queen at the 2004 Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race (July 2004). She plays the guitar, enjoys swimming and volleyball, going to Kabuki theatre and walking her dog. Like fellow AV Idols Sora Aoi and Nana Natsume, she has been able to combine a career as an AV actress with mainstream movie and TV appearances.


Before she started in AV, Honoka had a small role as a female android secretary in the TV Tokyo cosplay drama The Ultimate Venus Angel Healing Force which she was in from February 16 to March 29, 2004.


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